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fell_equinox · 40 weeks ago
itselectric · 40 weeks ago
If you want YouTube suggestions: Lost Pause, VanossGaming, Shane Dawson
spookykink57 · 40 weeks ago
There's Superwoman, NigaHiga, The Dominic Show, The Lumineers
average_potterhead · 40 weeks ago
Jacksepticeye’s my favorite because he’s very loud and energetic but he knows when to take things seriously and pretty much refuses to offend anyone. Also Daz, almost as loud, more Brit and less Irish, and a little more willing to speak his mind if you’d prefer that. Both swear. A lot. And make sexual jokes. But they’re great.
mrfahrenheit · 40 weeks ago
Matt Shea coz he a lad
umbra · 40 weeks ago
Jack is great, bit loud for the moment unfortunatly
fell_equinox · 40 weeks ago
The hodgetwins!! They made me throw up once because I laughed so hard
umbra · 40 weeks ago
hm, I might wait until I’m not sick in that one.
fell_equinox · 40 weeks ago
They're too funny omg
mrcreepypasta · 40 weeks ago
Rackaracka, Philip Defranco, gradeAunderA, domics and of course Mrcreepypasta.
dimebag · 40 weeks ago
It's a YouTube video game by Rob Scallon and 3 other YouTubers. It's really fun.
diabetes · 40 weeks ago
UhHNNN by katya and trixie on wow presents is really funny too, if you're into tangents and drag queens giving probably shitty life advice
grimreaper · 40 weeks ago
Decker Shado, the X-Files, Overlyenglishman, Archer, Tearofgrace, Dog Soldiers, Goodbadflicks, Deep Rising, Neebsgaming, Primeval.
sheeby78 · 40 weeks ago
Primeval is the shit
sheeby78 · 40 weeks ago
Mr fruit is also amazing.
dimebag · 40 weeks ago
I love Mr Fruit :D
umbra · 40 weeks ago
oh, hello grimreaper I seem to see a lot of you.
grimreaper · 40 weeks ago
All the time
rosebud · 39 weeks ago
achievement hunter (2012-2014)
wendover productions
your movie sucks (YMS)
i hate everything (IHE)
extra history/extra credits
internet historian
alternate history hub/knowledgehub
lazy game reviews (LGR)
now you see it
NerdCubed (2012-mid 2015)
Now You See It
kaiserwilhelm · 39 weeks ago
Yeah exurb1a is great