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calvinoot · 1 week ago
Everyone in my grade feels so content with being dissatisfied.
king_me · 1 week ago
kittykatsuma03 · 1 week ago
Oh sorry, I didn’t see it, thanks for the tag though
kittykatsuma03 · 1 week ago
Appreciate it @king_me
king_me · 1 week ago
No problemo
matthewg · 1 week ago
The FS community.
Also, people who park in the middle of the two imaginary spaces in front of my house. One of these days you fucktards are going to find your tires stabbed, and you'll deserve it.
peachypersimmon · 1 week ago
That my husband always makes me feel shit that I have a low sex drive (couple times a month) when he has a high sex drive (at least twice a day). He said I wasn't a real female.
pokethebear · 1 week ago
Sorry. My wife has the same problem. We struggle with that one too.
matthewg · 3 days ago
I'm honestly sorry to hear that, both of you. I hope you're able to find mutually beneficial solutions.
fell_equinox · 3 days ago
I'm mad that homosexuals are treated like shit simply because they love their own gender
kittykatsuma03 · 3 days ago
@fell_equinox I totally agree. It’s not that they should be able to, but who is it affecting? Really I’d like to know. If your neighbors are homosexual who tf cares? Let them be! And also I’m not saying that like who cares about them I’m just saying who cares about who they like? It’s their decision!
kittykatsuma03 · 3 days ago
kittykatsuma03 · 3 days ago
Wait I phrased that wrong hold on
They shouldn’t be subject to criticism
fell_equinox · 3 days ago
I getcha. I have friends all over the LGBT community and I seriously do t understand the hate. I dont understand racism either. Just because they aren't white, they aren't people. Who tf th ke like that its crazy
fell_equinox · 3 days ago
Thinks like that**
m · 2 days ago
I'm mad that my neighbors leave their st. Bernard in their backyard all the time along with any puppies they are breeding/selling. 1) it's neglectful and 2) they start barking very early on the morning.
peachypersimmon · 2 days ago
Please call the SPCA on their asses!!!!
kittykatsuma03 · 2 days ago
Do so
m · 1 day ago
Unfortunately where I live having outside dogs is acceptable. Just makes me mad because I see animals as part of the family aaaand i don't like being woken up randomly.
pokethebear · 1 day ago
Yes, lots of farms here have outside dogs.