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vitklim · 1 week ago
Here's one: F-777 - Space Battle
awake_ash · 1 week ago
Omerta - Lamb of God
parisqeen · 1 week ago
Psycho by Muse
X Gon' Give It To Ya by DMX
grimreaper · 1 week ago
Push it to the Limit.
internet · 1 week ago
spit out the bone - Metallica
sassypotter · 1 week ago
Sweet Nothing - Florence Welch
rydler · 1 week ago
Phantom - NateWantsToBattle
kittykatsuma03 · 1 week ago
Handclap by fitz and the tantrums
kouyaaotsuki · 1 week ago
Cut my hair - Cavetown
imapandabye · 1 week ago
Reapers by Muse
Victorious by Panic! At the disco
spookykink57 · 1 week ago
Believer by Imagine Dragons.
imapandabye · 1 week ago
spookykink57 · 1 week ago
Also, Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons as well.
imapandabye · 1 week ago
And Rise Up. The whole album is bomb actually lol
spookykink57 · 1 week ago
Yup. Evolve is a great album.
blazingfrags · 1 week ago
Lose yourself,not afraid by slim
mialinay · 1 week ago
This love, this hate by hollywood undead
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
If I'ma sing ima sing right: Seal- Kiss from a rose, Alicia Keys New York, or Fleetwood Mac Rihannon.
If I'm trying to focus on homework either Eminem or the FF11 soundtrack, specifically "The Sanctuary of Zi'Tah".
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
I'm starting to call housework homework. What the fuck have y'all done. I'm both old and young at the same time. Strange.
famousone · 6 days ago
Either "Greatest Generation" or "Back for More"