Baby names !!!!!! need help
by unicornpoop1 · 60 comments 5 hours ago
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xvarnah · 4 days ago
^ that was part of my struggle, since ethnicity and such tends to play a role in what names people prefer. I'm not asking for any of that info, mind you, but names that seem fine in one language may seem completely awful in another, or sound bizarre, or just seem strange or too out there some of the time.
Either way, I don't think anyone's expecting you to definitively use a name they suggest @unicornpoop1, it's just a foundation to get you going
zinope · 4 days ago
Death Megatron
flyingoctopus · 4 days ago
Don't name it Zander or Mike/Michael. Because my name is Zander and there are too many Mikes
mrsuperman8942 · 4 days ago
sentinal. thats it just sentinal.
mrsuperman8942 · 4 days ago
also change your last name to prime.
lordhornasstr · 4 days ago
Boethiah, Mehphala, Varnimia, Nocurtune, Hircine, Molagbal, Alduin, Paarthrunax, Malacath, Azura, Aela, Lydia, Sibbi....
Knock yourself out.
mrsuperman8942 · 4 days ago
pluto, the beast you were to scared to have in the solar system.
internet · 4 days ago
Avalynn? can be nicknamed Ava
aspy523 · 4 days ago
Evelyn, it's a gun in Bloodborne and I love it. Plus it's a good name, win win
mrsuperman8942 · 4 days ago
no it's the protagonist for resident evil 7. get your facts straight.
mrfahrenheit · 4 days ago
things can be more than one thing
mrfahrenheit · 4 days ago
Jeff, regardless of gender
unicornpoop1 · 9 hours ago
thatnk you guys but this is not for me it is for my cuzun
mialinay · 9 hours ago
cuzun...? Really?
mrsuperman8942 · 8 hours ago
asian mafia
unicornpoop1 · 7 hours ago
yeah i am 14 old did you think i was
mialinay · 6 hours ago
How would we know? You only have two comments and your profile pic just shows your mouth.
mialinay · 6 hours ago
Also I'm pretty sure your cousin can figure out some names herself
mrsuperman8942 · 6 hours ago
probably expected you to be old enough to spell cousin. just saying.
mialinay · 5 hours ago
That too :D
That's what I was referring to with my “cuzun...?“ comment