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dimebag · 4 days ago
Do I need to answer as well?
mightyoak · 4 days ago
Nah this is for the goodies and eviks
mightyoak · 4 days ago
yukihaki · 4 days ago
What is it all about ?
mightyoak · 4 days ago
It helps with the stupid shit I have planned and I thought it would be fun to involve everyone. Can you do it too, please?
yukihaki · 4 days ago
What do I need to do ?
mightyoak · 4 days ago
There's a numbered list I need you to answer
mightyoak · 4 days ago
Answered some anon asks on tumblr. They were good questions, yall should check em out
yukihaki · 4 days ago
1. I need to keep my hands busy, like I always keep some paper on me so I can fold it
2. I ignore it
3. I take it back by force if needed
4. Good on ya lol
5. I put on a serious face with a little smile
6. Can't stay put and walk around
7. Meh
8. Hey, can we talk for a bit ?
9. Listening to music with my eyes closed
10. These motherfuckers
majestic_yumps · 3 days ago
I have a question. Can my mask change colours?
majestic_yumps · 3 days ago
Like depending on my mood
majestic_yumps · 3 days ago
Not the whole mask. Just the skull on it
mightyoak · 3 days ago
Nah, we have a real solid idea with your character and can't change it now
majestic_yumps · 3 days ago
mightyoak · 3 days ago
Sorry buddy, but you're really important and I don't want to change you out of selfishness
majestic_yumps · 3 days ago
Na it's cooh
mightyoak · 3 days ago
You'll like your character, I promise
majestic_yumps · 3 days ago
1. Messes with people
2. Wants to colour with crayons and gets REALLY sarcastic like I'm not kidding. I wanna be extremely sarcastic
3. Will hunt them down pin them to a floor or wall and make them wish they were never born. And also draws random stuff on their face (mainly dicks) in permanent marker
4. 21
5. Needs it(to happen) right away
6. Does that thing where you get really excited and you start making weird high pitched noises then acts all cool and pretends nothing happened
7. Repeats everything they say in that mocking kinda tone
8. Half-ass try's then gives up if they say no
9. Absolutely nothing
10. I'm never indifferent to shenanigans
mightyoak · 1 hour ago
I'm sorry guys, I haven't been able to start chapter 6 yet. I was just hit with a migraine again. If it goes away, I'll start working on it after a nap
sassypotter · 1 hour ago
No need to apologise Mighty, I hope you feel better soon