thatguyyouknow · 18 weeks ago
The real question is whole would have thought England would've made it this far
f__kyeahhamburg · 18 weeks ago
Both questions are justified, but frankly, Croatia is playing the nicest football in the tournament. Not the best, but it's the nicest to watch. Always hungry for the ball, very aggressive pressing from Minute 1 to the end...very exhausting to the players but damn that's how I like it
pripyatplatypus · 18 weeks ago
The country isn't even thirty years old yet. I bet they have players that are older.
dash224 · 18 weeks ago
I honestly predicted they’d get this far. I’m not even Croatian but I’ve been rooting for them ever since they kicked Argentina’s ass and Germany got knocked out. Even though I’m like a quarter French, I hope Croatia comes out on top.
awake_ash · 18 weeks ago
I have faith on Croatia, they have played so good so far, England had nothing against them, sloppy af
spookykink57 · 18 weeks ago
I honestly underestimated Croatia a lot. I had my whole faith in England. Although, Croatia has been playing a very tight game the whole tournament but still, I thought that the match with England would definitely end their run. Oh, how wrong I was.
spookykink57 · 18 weeks ago
I watched all matches of Croatia after last night, England had no chance. I only watched the last two matches of England and they seemed good in those. I based my judgement on that.