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Socially Anxious Mermaid 3 comments
eaweber · 5 days ago
Omg, I love this. Who made it?
Not trees, ents! 8 comments
eaweber · 2 weeks ago
I've been on bumble, this isn't always true
Perfect match 7 comments
eaweber · 3 weeks ago
Or wealthy parents
Posion 9 comments
eaweber · 4 weeks ago
Less. If you take expired medication it becomes less effective, poison should be the same. Have not tested this for the record, but I worked in a pharmacy for 15 years so..
Sight* I miss the good old Times! Time to play wynncraft again 7 comments
eaweber · 5 weeks ago
Growing up playing zoo and roller coaster tycoon was better. Taught us to be creative and make money by charging to use the bathroom.
The spoilers we need 20 comments
eaweber · 7 weeks ago
He is on the poster/promo images. It wasn't a mystery
The spoilers we need 20 comments
eaweber · 7 weeks ago
Don't waste your time waiting after the credits either.
Correct 5 comments
eaweber · 9 weeks ago
With the long hair she looks like Merida (princess from Brave)
Get your facts straight 10 comments
eaweber · 20 weeks ago
I've seen police tackle a white 14 year old boy for stealing condoms. It just depends on the police department and if they are resisting
This white and red pigeon is prettier than you 11 comments
eaweber · 26 weeks ago
Looks like a dove..
A+ for creativity! 4 comments
eaweber · 27 weeks ago
For the parents, teens will get laid anyway if you like it or not 52 comments
eaweber · 29 weeks ago
Texas is also bigger than most states. It also depends where you live in Texas. I live near Dallas and I'm in my 30s now. I don't have kids, a lot of my classmates don't have kids. I only remember two girls being pregnant in high school.
My ex was from the country where there was not a lot of jobs, education, or things to do other then have kids. At 25 he was the odd one out with no kids.
My education system did teach abstinence until high school where we where taught about safe sex. I'm not sure about other parts of the state but I have no complaints.
Blood, Sweat and tears to seperate 6 comments
eaweber · 30 weeks ago
I haven't had to pull those apart but something similar, try dropping them on the ground. It might work for these.
I wonder if the cat was really dead 6 comments
eaweber · 31 weeks ago
Maybe she had two cats the entire time and never knew
Lets not forget the time Shepard Smith was certain Florida was dead.....And your children 4 comments
eaweber · 33 weeks ago
Lol, I'm so glad I watched this! I would stay in Florida just to spite him.
I also don't own a gun 6 comments
eaweber · 34 weeks ago
Isn't that a fear of death? Even if you choose not to pull the chord.
Kid murders The Cramberries on ukulele 4 comments
eaweber · 35 weeks ago
Someone get Ellen on the phone, I found the next kid for her show
The 2 true genders 5 comments
eaweber · 35 weeks ago
I got really excited but it's only in Japan.
YEET 2 comments
eaweber · 35 weeks ago
A little excessive
The real reason for Operation Barbarossa ~1941 8 comments
eaweber · 36 weeks ago
I dont think this is true.
“Squirrel cat” 4 comments
eaweber · 37 weeks ago
I have never stolen a thing in my life, but I would steal that cat.
This pic never ceases to make me happy 4 comments
eaweber · 41 weeks ago
Looks really uncomfortable for the dog
Which way? 4 comments
eaweber · 43 weeks ago
You wash your toothbrush in water first! Clean all the dust and particles off, then toothpaste. The toothbrush retains more water and it prevents your toothpaste from washing away.
Seahorse birth 11 comments
eaweber · 43 weeks ago
My fun fact took a wrong turn somewhere.