What is FunSubstance?

FunSubstance is a site with thousands of funny, amazing and amusing pictures, memes, comics, and more. Millions of people around the world submit and vote for the best content, making the front page of FunSubstance a constantly updated collection of the best of humor and entertainment on the web. Read more.

Is there a way to save all these fun stuff?

Yes! If you have signed up, posts which you "Like" will be saved to your profile.

Is FunSubstance free?

Everything on FunSubstance is 100% free! Free to create an account, free to visit, and free to share with your friends.

What is the Popular page?

The highest rated posts which are most liked among FunSubstance users gets to the front/Popular page.

What is the Trending Page?

See only the top and best new posts. In other words, trending posts.

What is the Fresh page?

The Fresh page contains the newest user and approved guest submissions.

What is the All page?

View all posts together on this page in chronological order.

What is a Substance?

A Substance is a section where posts are categorized upon submission. Making it easier to submit and view specific content.

What is an NSFW post?

NSFW stands for Not suitable/safe for work. Posts marked as NSFW may contain inappropriate content such as adult humor or generally stuff that wouldn't be acceptable in the presence of your boss and colleagues.

Why is there a FunSubstance watermark on my image?

When you submit posts, you are granting FunSubstance non-exclusive rights to your image and caption. For yours and FunSubstance's protection, watermarks are added to all the images posted to the FunSubstance network.

How do I get my post to the Popular page?

Submit only the fun stuff. No one wants to view and vote on unfunny and boring posts.

Why are there blue stars beside usernames?

Users who make it to the weekly leaderboard by generating likes on their posts and comments will get a blue star beside their username.

The ads are ruining my experience (popups, redirects etc.)

We hate obstrusive ads too. If you can find the offending ad, we can block it forever.

There are usually 1-3 ad units on a page. First identify which ad unit is causing the problem. For each ad unit that you think is causing the problem, please provide us with the information below. If you're unable to identify the ad unit, simply provide the information below for every ad unit.

  1. The URL of the page where you noticed the ad.
  2. A screenshot of the ad on FunSubstance and a screenshot of the popup if available.
  3. Tracking URL of the ad if it's Google Adsense. A tracking URL is not the same as the popup URL.

Once you're done, send it to us via our contact form or email [email protected]

Alternatively you may reach us through the chat. Remember to tag us.

How do I edit my post?

Posts cannot be edited after a certain time. This is to prevent people from circumventing the rate limit, thus reducing spam.

Why doesn't my post get any Likes?

Our system is able to detect reposts, so it may be automatically hidden if deemed as a repost.

When will my guest submission be posted?

We receive tons of guest submissions daily. As such, guest posts are queued before they appear on the New page. If you're a registered user, your submissions are posted immediately.