FunSubstance Rules

Rule No. 1

Anyone who is believed to affect the peace of FunSubstance will be banned.

General Rules

Directing/spreading hate, bullying or harassment against other users is forbidden.

Spamming and advertising of any form is forbidden, be it in posts or comments.

Impersonation of site admins or creators is forbidden.

You have to be 13 years or older to use FunSubstance.

Vote manipulation is forbidden. This includes creating multiple accounts to vote for posts & comments or asking for Likes.

Do not post content that have been posted before to the best of your knowledge.

Do not use FunSubstance to advocate your own agenda or to provoke/insult people.

Commenting Rules

Post meaningful comments: Don't just comment phrases like lol, haha etc. Comment something relevant and fun.

Don't hate: Some posts may not be fun, but respect the effort people put in. Don't bully or abuse others.

Refrain from off-topic chatting. Comments should be related to the post.

While it is acceptable to argue and express unpopular opinions, frequent or persistent display of spite or hostility and use of profanity are not allowed.

Submission & Posting Rules

Use a descriptive and interesting title that is relevant to the post.

Submit only fun and entertaining images/videos.

Do not post with the sole purpose of communicating with another user.

Posts containing inappropriate adult humor should be marked as NSFW.

Violent, nude, pornographic, racist, excessive profanity or generally illegal posts are forbidden.

Do not post promotional content/advertisements including links to your website or images with watermarks from other websites.

If you see anyone breaking the rules, please use the Report User link in their profile so that we can take action. Violation of these rules could result in an account or IP ban without warning.