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*Shits on the floor* 1 comments
welcometodajungle · 44 weeks ago
Time to get schwifty in here!
114 cats...Pshhhh 5 comments
welcometodajungle · 49 weeks ago
If you’re counting lions and tigers they have no chance. If you’re just talking house cats they would be fine.
Just put a can on an electric can opener over a big speaker and they’ll all be in one place for a quick grenade attack.
I'm italian and I totally agree 3 comments
welcometodajungle · 50 weeks ago
If you were from the 1990s you would know this is a campaign Pizza Hut has for their stuffed crust pizza. It was supposed to be so good you would eat if crust first.
Change it back already 1 comments
welcometodajungle · 51 weeks ago
Considering nothing has changed, I assume this was stolen from another site
Vibe check 3 comments
welcometodajungle · 51 weeks ago
I really hope they were watching a dead one.
It's so crazy, it just might work 9 comments
welcometodajungle · 1 year ago
I don’t think this situation is right, but this headline is also completely misleading. The cops claim they thought the father was going to shoot them and they didn’t know the kid was in the car. He had just led them in a 2 mile chase with their lights on and got caught in a dead end. I can understand the cops being a little wary, but they weren’t saying the kid was the threat. Sadly the father didn’t pull over (I believe reports are he was drunk driving), and the kid was caught up in the insanity. The cops definitely shouldn’t have fired, but it wasn’t the kid they were afraid of.
Edit: I’m not defending the cops, I’m just pointing out the fake news part.
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Times are hard 3 comments
welcometodajungle · 1 year ago
Wasn’t the first scandal they tried to impeach him for about a porn Star? Clinton was impeached because he lied under oath about cheating on his wife.
It’s weird how 20 years ago democrats thought Clinton cheating was ok and republicans didn’t. Now when Donny does it Democrats think it’s terrible and Republicans are ok with it.
You keep using that word 3 comments
welcometodajungle · 1 year ago
Obama won it for getting elected. He hardly had done anything other than get elected.