I like eggs.

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Couple of spectators at the Army V Navy rugby match at Twickenham 4 comments
ardeet · 3 weeks ago
Bloody Poms can’t seem to watch any sports without getting legless.
wholesome 4 comments
ardeet · 4 weeks ago
So why not just call the kid Beryl?
If other planets were as close to Earth as the Moon 5 comments
ardeet · 6 weeks ago
It’s not big ass like the gif but remember that you can see the moons of Jupiter and the shape of Saturn with an average pair of binoculars and a reasonably dark viewing site.
Look online for when they rise and set in your area.
I refuse to believe in this 2 comments
ardeet · 7 weeks ago
To be honest he looks more like a kevin.
What do? 4 comments
ardeet · 9 weeks ago
A squid mobile.
Bruce wayne 7 comments
ardeet · 9 weeks ago
He’s only a little bat over the line.
Weather is not Climate 2 comments
ardeet · 10 weeks ago
It sure does. But that’s not the order in which I wrote it.
Bos Geometrico 2 comments
ardeet · 11 weeks ago
Torus the Bull
Air bubbles floating on sodium hexafluoride gas 3 comments
ardeet · 13 weeks ago
Ceaselessly so.
What would you do? 11 comments
ardeet · 15 weeks ago
Words 7 comments
ardeet · 15 weeks ago
Practice makes perfect when you practice correctly.
Something's fishy is going on in this restaurant 4 comments
ardeet · 16 weeks ago
Take it to the Small Clams Tribunal.
He is Sean 6 comments
ardeet · 16 weeks ago
“Ok Sean, I’ll see you at my place for the singing at midday. Yes I’ll definitely be alone. See you then.”
Hangs up.
Thinks to self “WOW, he’s really insistent about that 1 on 1 only for some reason. “
Don't be mad at me for putting the truth out there 52 comments
ardeet · 18 weeks ago
Good stuff.
Of all the arguments, not trusting government is probably the most important.
A new lease on life thanks to technology 4 comments
ardeet · 18 weeks ago
Probably a bit mechanical.
So this is now a thing you know. 7 comments
ardeet · 18 weeks ago
Interesting ...
Twitter in 1877 4 comments
ardeet · 20 weeks ago
Crisp 1877 font.
Bee worried 8 comments
ardeet · 22 weeks ago
The bee is looking stressed.
Yummy, machine extruded goodness 14 comments
ardeet · 24 weeks ago
Did they invite Fred Flinstone onto the design and sizing committee for that steak?
Quite the incredible shot 1 comments
ardeet · 25 weeks ago
Photographer is a smartie.
Whoops 9 comments
ardeet · 25 weeks ago
I feel no guilt whatsoever. At first glance he looks like a ball.
I figured it out, guys 4 comments
ardeet · 25 weeks ago
Suddenly I’ve figured out what all those hooks in my kitchen are for.
I mean I can't be, Right? 15 comments
ardeet · 26 weeks ago
I often recognise them by their response when I call out “who’s that?”