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Darn those lazy millenials 36 comments
blublood · 36 weeks ago
At that moment, praying is all that the boy is able to do to help those in need. I'm sure that if he's this convicted in his faith that his parents do have him help those less fortunate. In this pic, we don't get to see him when he's mowing the elderly widows lawn or donating toys to orphans. No one is as giving of themselves and their resources as a convicted Christian.
Pretty much true 7 comments
blublood · 39 weeks ago
The government doesn't build the roads, it
hires private contractors to build them. Government maintains the roads. Do you see the awful pothole repairs on the road that you go bouncing over? That's the governments contribution.
The government doesn't feed you either. That's the farmers doing. Government just regulates the crap out of them and makes their life more difficult.
It's the evil corporations that discover new drugs that help the sick. They are motivated by money and we get cured of our diseases. Win, win.
The Gov didn't invent the internet, Facebook, Amazon or the automobile. Free people did that because they were motivated by money and we all benefit. The Gov just gets in our way. Their only motivation is to stay in power.
Pretty much true 7 comments
blublood · 39 weeks ago
Government is good and necessary, but all government is corrupt. Some forms are better than others, though. There is a finite amount of power that is divided between the government and the people. Isn't it better for the people to have the power to determine how best to allocate the resources that they have given there own blood, sweat and tears for? Or, is it better for the government to take your stuff and hand it out to a slacker? If you get to keep what you work for, your going to be motivated to work harder and produce more. The government should only be there to catch the people that fall through the cracks and truly need a helping hand.