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How valid is this? 30 comments
boomboombam · 22 weeks ago
Humans have the largest penis among primates. This is due to the fact that girls only have sex with big dicks since the beginning of time. Natural selection at work. This might sound like satire but it's actually one of the theories.
Anon stays the night 4 comments
boomboombam · 1 year ago
Better to be retarded than a douche
Accurate 10 comments
boomboombam · 1 year ago
Wake up earlier and you'll sleep earlier, unless you have insomnia.
True AF 8 comments
boomboombam · 2 years ago
*when you see a cute boy
Yay vocabulary 8 comments
boomboombam · 2 years ago
Can you spread out your posts a little please
Don't mess with me 7 comments
boomboombam · 3 years ago
The two little shits wasted pop corn, and destroyed the book and tree.
Gay wizard 12 comments
boomboombam · 4 years ago
What's it got anything to do with twilight?
Bad Luck Un 4 comments
boomboombam · 5 years ago
FYI, all China, Russia, Japan are all against N Korea launching a missle