Once Upon a Time chat
by silvermyth · 92 comments 9 hours ago
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mrscollector · 3 days ago
So who watched the new episode???
cupcakelover · 3 days ago
i havnt watched any of the season 6 episodes, so please do not put any spoilers guys :)
mrscollector · 3 days ago
Lol wrong chat than cause like spoilers lol how come you havent see it yet?
dash224 · 3 days ago
What's the last thing you've watched???
mrscollector · 3 days ago
I have seen every episode I am fully caught up.
silvermyth · 3 days ago
I'm always 1 episode behind bc I do not have ABC
mrscollector · 3 days ago
I don't even have tv anymore I watch all my shows online through sites and such.
dash224 · 3 days ago
Okay I haven't watched Sunday's episode yet
silvermyth · 2 days ago
Me neither
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Well how about we talk about our predictions on how we think this season will end?
cupcakelover · 2 days ago
i havnt seen it yet because it is not out in my country yet, it comes in august
silvermyth · 2 days ago
That sucks, have you tried the abc website or a hulu free trial?
mrscollector · 2 days ago
Try this site I use it and it works but Im in the america. http://cucirca.eu
mrscollector · 2 days ago
What country are you in?
mrscollector · 1 day ago
Ok long enough lol who isnt caught up yet and do you mind spoilers if you are not? I am caught up and LOVE spoilers.
dash224 · 1 day ago
I'm caught up
silvermyth · 22 hours ago
I don't mind
cupcakelover · 13 hours ago
@mrscollector australia
mrscollector · 11 hours ago
Have you tried that site I posted? It ahould still work for u
cupcakelover · 9 hours ago
it doesnt work because the computer i use is my schools one, and they have blocked various sites, and one of those sites happens to be that link u gave me... sadly :(