deleted · 1 year ago
Dont. You are a good.perosm. and you shouldnt do that. Coege is tuff but don't be me. Don't drip put. Finish college and be the person you always dreamed you coulbe. Think of all the people that would miss you
You'll be ok. I believe in you. Sgay away from buses please. Monday is like days away, you can do this buddh. Stay strong
rayofsunshine · 1 year ago
What mighty said, and plus, if you get hit by a bus, you might get into coma or even die and you'll miss out on all the potentially good memes that are about to come out! :0 Plus, I'll miss you!
parisqeen · 1 year ago
Well don't do that, you've probably gone through tougher times before so trust in yourself that you can get through this too. College is hard but you have every bit of intelligence and power to do it, take time off when you need it bud, know when too much is too much so you can pace yourself. Sometimes work will seem unbearable but eventually it will be done then you can look forward in the future and do whatever makes you happy with experience and knowledge from your college days. We're here for support whenever you need it, you got this x
serosenpai · 1 year ago
If you step on a bus I will personally unleash bad memes on this website for weeks until I am banned for said bad memes
deleted · 1 year ago
I don't remember commenting on this