rosebud · 1 year ago
I think it means that whatever you've posted was not received well, and thus the website is not letting you post for a certain amount of days.
They do it to cut down on spam and unnecessary shit, but your case is an unfortunate downside.
peachypersimmon · 1 year ago
Ah ok. I was able to post after waiting a niy5
peachypersimmon · 1 year ago
*a bit
creativedragonbaby · 1 year ago
Not enough likes on your posts so whatever you have next "isn't funny"
peachypersimmon · 1 year ago
That's not fair :(
creativedragonbaby · 1 year ago
Mine got taken down again after recieving reports again
cupcakelover · 1 year ago
when this happens to me, it means that i have posted too many posts in one go, so i suggest that you should probably try spacing out your posts :)
smitty · 1 year ago
Because I have had more time on my hands of late, I too have seen this message. Really, I think it's just a spam guard to keep people from shit posting.
The cap seems to be five and then you have to wait a while for either cooldown or enough up votes to post again.
rosalinas · 1 year ago
It simply means your posts havent gotten enough likes yet
It's okay
I have asked Zeus about this before