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creativedragonbaby · 4 days ago
Ok is there any teachers you can cooperate with to help you out? Which one is more important/more marks/the soonest?
creativedragonbaby · 4 days ago
Which one can you finish first? Could you get your parents to help? A friend?
randomfandomgirl · 4 days ago
The Most Important Thing is an SAQ due for AP World History about the similitarities and differences between the USSR and Communist China, and I read the chapters like fifteen times and I still don't understand it.
The second is a five paragraph essay about Chapter 29 of Cry The Beloved Country for Honors English 3
I have a 100 word essay due in AP Chemical about the history of the Mole, amd two 750 word minimim essays for spanish, one about my family (FacĂ­l) and one about sports(Mas y Menos).
I have an probability assignment from Hon. Algebra 2 that's easy as fuck, but makes my brain hurt because its boring.
I'm probably going to copy my friend joyce's algebra homework, (and most of her spanish shit too, if I'm being honest) the problem is I'm not home, and it all has to be turned in electronically, meaning I have a timestamp to deal with.
randomfandomgirl · 4 days ago
I'll probably finish my chapter 29 thing n half an hour, but I really don't wanna do it, because if I do it, then I'll have to to my monstrocity of an SAQ and its worth 60% or my grade and ugh I hate it why did I sigh up for fucking AP!?!?
randomfandomgirl · 4 days ago
I can probably get my english teacher to give me an extra day, but its not like it helps me out much lol.
creativedragonbaby · 4 days ago
Are there any teachers you can ask to help you do the work though?
creativedragonbaby · 4 days ago
Also, did my questions help you prioritize?
randomfandomgirl · 4 days ago
And my chemistry thing is worth like 30 points so I can afford to skip it, but I might regret that later. Ugh, fucking Avagadro. Why'd he have to discover how many molicules are in one unit base measurement of any quantity of gasses. fuck him for revolutionizing science.
randomfandomgirl · 4 days ago
Sorry. Yes! Thanks. I'm gonna start my saw, and then beg Joyce to send me hers to I can see if I did it right. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for everything!
randomfandomgirl · 4 days ago
randomfandomgirl · 4 days ago
I can probably beg Ms. Carrera for help on the spanish thing. I'm white, blonde, and stupid, and this is my first language other than english. I hope there's sympathy.
roudy89 · 4 days ago
Do the easy things first. Break it down into smaller tasks.
randomfandomgirl · 4 days ago
I'm starting with ch.29, and move on to spanish after. I'll not waste my time on chem, grade be damned, and I"i'll start my SAQ at the end.
creativedragonbaby · 4 days ago
Now you have a plan. GO DO IT
parisqeen · 4 days ago
Yeah honestly dude I did this all last year and you learn from it, at least you've admitted you stuffed up. The best thing to do is spend maybe 15 minutes WRITING up a plan, don't say it cause then it becomes overwhelming, give yourself a timetable and write up how long your gonna spend on each subject and when it's due. Focus on one thing at a time and break it down into small parts then work on each small part until the whole things done, then move on. The best thing to do is just start because as soon as you start all the thinking and stressing dulls down and you feel like you're actually doing something. Wish I could help more, good luck :)
randomfandomgirl · 4 days ago
I have everything done except everything about my family in spanish, (I have 523 words currently) and my SAQ (I'm still rereading the chapters, and I have kinda a rough draft,)
Thank you all so much for your help!
communist · 3 days ago
100 word essays aren't that much
parisqeen · 3 days ago
Good job bud! It'll all be done sooner then you think, well done for pushing through
randomfandomgirl · 3 days ago
Love all of you! Everything except the chem thing got completed! (I checked and it was actually only 15 points so it was basically optional.)
God that SAQ was a killer.
But seriously thank you all! If you lovely people hadn't responded i'd probably had done none of it.
creativedragonbaby · 9 hours ago