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hyperion · 12 hours ago
I'll do it when I get home
incognito · 12 hours ago
hyperion · 12 hours ago
So I just gave to dress how I feel right?
incognito · 12 hours ago
Anything you feel best describes your personality
hyperion · 11 hours ago
Expect the best of the best
incognito · 11 hours ago
Coolio :D
hyperion · 6 hours ago
I'm sorry I failed you, i got home late and went straight to my dogs
yukihaki · 6 hours ago
T me
folk_the_lore · 5 hours ago
At least you didn't fail the dogs
That's what's important bro
If you can eat one piece from a human body
What would it be and why
One of my friend said the ass cos it's all meaty and fat
Told him he's one nasty ass motherfucker
yukihaki · 5 hours ago
He's right tho, the ass or the thighs, because it's a good balance between fat and muscle
folk_the_lore · 5 hours ago
I'd eat thighs
But I ain't never gonna eat ass
rosalinas · 5 hours ago
The heart
Feel metal af man
folk_the_lore · 5 hours ago
T me
rosalinas · 5 hours ago
Is there any place you can text me beside kik
sassypotter · 1 hour ago
Someone T me
rosalinas · 49 minutes ago
What was your dream last night
sassypotter · 47 minutes ago
It wasn't the best dream
It was that I was dumped
T or D?
rosalinas · 41 minutes ago
Like dumped in the trash can or what?
serosenpai · 30 minutes ago
I would eat the hands.
And my last dream was almost like a trip
zinope · 5 minutes ago
T me