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yukihaki · 9 hours ago
Next T : do you have a favourite perfume?
releasethekraken · 9 hours ago
I like J'adore by Dior
Do you?
Next T: which excuse do you use more often?
yukihaki · 9 hours ago
I like La Nuit de l'Home by Yves Saint Laurent
When I don't wanna go somewhere I just say I'm busy even if I'm not.
Next T : What dinosaur would like as a pet?
releasethekraken · 9 hours ago
Sneaky egg
Maybe a velociraptor
Next T: who would you hate to see naked?
yukihaki · 9 hours ago
A trex duh
Hmm... My old neighbours ahah
Next T : When, why, who, where?
releasethekraken · 9 hours ago
Anytime, because, you, anywhere ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Next T: Have you ever lied about your age?
kouyaaotsuki · 9 hours ago
On Disney websites plenty of times
yukihaki · 9 hours ago
I like that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
No, but sometimes I get wrong on my age 'cause I forget how old I am ahah
Next T : Will you marry me?
releasethekraken · 9 hours ago
Next T: if you were a giant, what would you like to do?
yukihaki · 9 hours ago
Giant how tho?
If like super giant, I would fight Godzilla or see how many steps I'll have to do to walk around the world
releasethekraken · 8 hours ago
Next T: would you rather be Batman or a bear?
yukihaki · 8 hours ago
Let's go with Batman tho ahah
Next Tttttttttt : would you have three boobs or three buttcheeks?
releasethekraken · 8 hours ago
Three boobs sounds more practical
Next T: would you rather lose your penis or both of your legs?
yukihaki · 8 hours ago
Both my legs so I can have cool robots legs
Next T : Did you ever wrote stories?
releasethekraken · 8 hours ago
Nope, I don't remember ever doing it
And next T: do you prefer texting or calling?
yukihaki · 8 hours ago
I did wrote some stories
I prefer calling so I can hear your cute voice
Next T : do you have a favourite french word?
releasethekraken · 8 hours ago
I love "Je t'aime", although it doesn't count as a word. Do you have a favourite word/ phrase in greek?
hyperion · 8 hours ago
Calling are the best
And we Mexicans have a very popular phrase "puto el que lo lea". It's very vulgar. Rude but you will see these words in many places rather than hear them. Plus it's a prank
yukihaki · 8 hours ago
My favourite greek word is πίνεις ahah
spookykink57 · 1 hour ago
Yuki being smooth in the middle of the convo, asking Kraken to marry him was the best thing that has happened to this chat. At least in front of me.
Aaaaaand yes Calling is the best,but I can be more smooth over texting as I get nervous while talking to someone, even on the phone. But in calling you can finish up saying things faster than texting. So... I guess I prefer both actually.
And favourite French word would be "Oui". It is a small and simple word but it sounds really funny to me.