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folk_the_lore · 30 minutes ago
Sadly I do not
Wish I had pets tho
T or d?
adriannalovesyou · 29 minutes ago
folk_the_lore · 28 minutes ago
How is Louisiana?
adriannalovesyou · 24 minutes ago
literally sucks! super hot! there are ALOT of rude ass people here but the nice ones are the ones you want to be friends with! oh and New Orleans in one of the top murder citys of the united states! but beside that its pretty great
adriannalovesyou · 24 minutes ago
folk_the_lore · 22 minutes ago
Well I think Oklahoma has gotten you beat
Cos Tulsa is THE murder city in the U.S. I think
It's the meth capital at least
It's crazy and I love it cos there's always something going on
T or d?
adriannalovesyou · 21 minutes ago
lol truth and damn boy
folk_the_lore · 18 minutes ago
Yeah it's neato here
Favorite show?
adriannalovesyou · 17 minutes ago
Jane the Virgin
yukihaki · 16 minutes ago
Brooklyn 99
folk_the_lore · 14 minutes ago
It's hard to say
All time
Maybe red vs blue
It's just something I've liked for a long time t or d?
adriannalovesyou · 13 minutes ago
folk_the_lore · 9 minutes ago
Type of music?
adriannalovesyou · 8 minutes ago
all hbu?
yukihaki · 6 minutes ago
folk_the_lore · 6 minutes ago
Mostly rock
A bit of rap too
T or d?
adriannalovesyou · 4 minutes ago
t or d?
folk_the_lore · 3 minutes ago
Truth then
adriannalovesyou · 3 minutes ago
What is your most embarrassing memory?
adriannalovesyou · 3 minutes ago