rwby_rose · 3 days ago
I get why you don't care about it. I mean,he wasn't a part of your life in any way,so you never even knew of his existence. You're not obligated to mourn him if you never knew him.
nightmaredragon · 3 days ago
People die every day, all the time. If we were to mourn every passing regardless of our relation to them we would be in a constant state of mourning. That being said, I don't think anything is wrong with you for not caring about someone dying, especially if they meant nothing to you. I got a rough idea of how you might feel, and for what it's worth, I don't think there is anything wrong with you.
diyrogue · 3 days ago
As long as you don't go around telling people you don't give a shit or " why the fuck are you mourning this guy ? " You should be good, otherwise if you didn't know the guy then there's no reason to mourn him. I felt the same way in middle school when everyone was crying and planning a candle light vigil for this one kid who died but he was from another school in the district so idk if everyone really was mourning or not but ... Yeah
third · 2 days ago
There's nothing wrong with you. Although it's a serious problem that you'd think there is as a result of this.
rosebud · 2 days ago
sometimes, in fact, almost every time I think something about breaking news, i have an impulsive thought that causes me to think what I said was wrong. like, when Chuck Berry died, my first thought was "well, he deserved it."
and then I realized that's not a normal thing to think
maybe it's just like a "first thought" thing. you get this information, and then you think a thing, but you shouldn't count it as being wrong or bad if you immediately scold yourself
goodwifi · 2 days ago
My fourth grade teacher died, I didn't really... Like her. I only cried because everyone else was crying, I didn't want to seem like a jerk. I just didn't care for her, her classes were boring and she just couldn't make a "connection" with her students
needmorec4 · 1 day ago
Thousands of pepole die every day. As I write this comment, somewhere in the world someone just took their last breath. But I don't think me telling that upset you. In our world and one where we are constantly aware of all the misfortune in the world you can't afford to feel terrible every time someone you don't know passes or you'd be an emotional wreck. There's nothing wrong with you.
creativedragonbaby · 1 day ago
He doesn't mean anything to you. You didn't know him well enough. To you, he's probably just a name. To others, he was their world, their idol. It's perfectly ok to be like this