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serosenpai · 1 year ago
-very gay but not
-has a stronger ego than DIO
-dad friend
-more conservative than a refrigerator
-lies every day
-never tells
-likes booty like i like pie, hot and thick
-anime is my everything
-video games are my everything
-fatherless and fabulous
spazz · 1 year ago
-got username because that's his nickname
-likes climbing things, like street lights
-black belt in taekwondo
-not good listener
-would be a banana if he were reincarnated as a fruit
-likes drawing, recently started digital
-sleeps around 5 hours on average
-academically okay, but no common sense
-likes fizzy drinks and caffeine
-got bitten by a duck when he was 4
rayofsunshine · 1 year ago
Also, I would like to add that apparently, I am the mother of @Zeus
carne_asada · 1 year ago
-doesnt talk a lot if I dont know you
-does talk a lot if I know you
-plays volleyball but sucks because short
-is usually pretty nice unless you are annoying
releasethekraken · 1 year ago
@rayofsunshine where did that come from?
rayofsunshine · 1 year ago
Oh, my actual name happens to be the Greek mythology name for Zeus' mother xD
releasethekraken · 1 year ago
Rhea? That's amazing!
Is that why your username is rayofsunshine?
rayofsunshine · 1 year ago
Yep! My name is pronounced 'Ray-ah', so it's an ongoing joke that I'm a 'Ray-ah-sunshine'
releasethekraken · 1 year ago
You are a pun goddess!
Your name is more greek than mine,and I AM Greek
dimebag · 1 year ago
What's this for anyway? Or is it just because?
rayofsunshine · 1 year ago
Kraken: Haha! That's awesome XD And awesome, you're Greek? I'd love to visit there some day
releasethekraken · 1 year ago
You really should
It's beautiful!
shadowlord · 1 year ago
you can see my username
- stuff
- i hate the cold with the intensity of a thousand suns
- just a nerd
- eh like anyone cares
tarotnathers13th · 1 year ago
-The thirteenth
-And only
-Spontaneously clever, mainly contrary.
-Lost in useless thought.
ignoot · 1 year ago
-Total and complete weirdo
-Socially awkward potato
-Lover of felines
-Terrible at memeing
tcole3710 · 1 year ago
-Loves the Legend of Zelda
-Dislikes dogs (I don't hate them, just don't like them)
-Loves cats
-Doesn't talk
-Has central Heterochromia
-Always feels awkward when talking about self
-Hates children
-Likes metalwork
meeptastic · 1 year ago
-random noises
-took gifted classes but is now average
deleted · 1 year ago
Folk this shit
-kinda dumb
-anger issues
-bad habits that go on for miles
- smart ass
- breathes air
- most likely to be arrested
- overall pretty neato
meeptastic · 1 year ago
You're not dumb dumbass
peachypersimmon · 1 year ago
- married
- disabled
- short AF
- sarcastic AF
- too honest for my own good
- super nice and polite
- dark humoured
- inappropriate
- terrible at maths
- quick to anger but also forgive
- eats crap
- sucks like a Dyson