Just something I wrote, share your's.
by morebacon · 17 comments 50 weeks ago
silvermyth · 50 weeks ago
morebacon · 50 weeks ago
Her Eyes
Colored like the stain glass on churches of old
Hiding a person that only i have ever known
The darkest corners of her mind
Are the only places that I feel safe to hide
The mystery that is her soul
Is the only thing I've ever known
Those eyes that peirce the fog that surrounds me
Taking me places like mountain tops and valleys, destinations I thought I would never see
They calm the storm that is my mind
Parting the clouds, letting the sun begin to shine
Even though she may never know
Those eyes of hers give me strength to grow
morebacon · 50 weeks ago
rosebud · 50 weeks ago
klymaxx · 50 weeks ago
That's sweet. Is it about anyone imparticular?
parisqeen · 50 weeks ago
That's lovely, I have the same question as klymaxx
morebacon · 50 weeks ago
Yea its about a girl that was my room mate. It was my two best friends and her living in the same house. She was dating my one of them but she liked me. When the guys were at work and it was just the two of us it took every ounce of strength not to betray my friend. One time she cane into my room after getting a shower. She sits on my bed on my legs, wearing painties snd a wige bester with no bra. Nipples on high beam. Then she tells me her vibrater broke in the middle of her session and didnt get off. She stared at me, withe those green eyes that I always got lost in. I onew exactly whst she wanted, but I couldnt betray my friend. Thats the first of a long list of attempts to get me to fuck her. I was in love but I just couldnt act. It was horrible and amazing at the same time.
morebacon · 50 weeks ago
*wife beater*
parisqeen · 50 weeks ago
It's good of you not to of done that to your friend but she really should of broken up with him if she wanted to be with you.
morebacon · 50 weeks ago
Lol she got engaged to him the broke it off a year later.
parisqeen · 50 weeks ago
Wow, funny how things like that play out
klymaxx · 50 weeks ago
That's freaking hot man! I mean it sucks she was with your friend and I don't approve of cheating but honestly it kind of adds to the excitement lol Good job not acting on it
morebacon · 50 weeks ago
You have no idea @klymaxx. The fact that it was taboo almost drove me insane. Especially when she would model her new bikini's in front of me.
klymaxx · 50 weeks ago
Taboo is the best. I had that going on with my husbands best friend for a while. For years there was crazy sexual tension...I never tried to act on it and if he had I would have refused but we both knew how we felt. Sometimes he would accidentally say something slighty inappropriate then we'd sit there all awkward like haha. Or I'd see him staring at me so I'd kind of wiggle around for him. It was exciting in a way. My husband finally noticed and told me "hey I think he wants to f you. Would you? Omg, you would! Hahahahaha" He teases me about it now lol He thinks it would be cool if something did happen but it probably never will.
morebacon · 50 weeks ago
I agree. Taboo and sexual tension hit you like a train and it's addictive. You could make a deal with your husband and bring a friend he likes. Then you have a free for all lol. Maybe even bring a sybian into the mix. Now that would be amazing.
carbonatedwaffles · 50 weeks ago
Walnuts, peanuts, pineapple smells. Grapes, melons, oranges, and coconut shells.
morebacon · 50 weeks ago
From what I've seen they look nuts. Those girls go into another dimension. Im into the oiled massage before its go time. Its fun to tease until the breaking point :)