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wolfsbane · 26 weeks ago
I do blacksmithing and that seems to work for me
parisqeen · 26 weeks ago
I'm from Australia. At least you know working helps a bit, try that more. Blacksmithing would be awesome! I feel like that involves a lot of expensive equipment though.
I feel the same in my long holidays though rose so don't worry it's normal, I think you should try making a little schedule for yourself, maybe try waking up early and working out. Set a specific time for when you allow yourself to play games so it's more like a routine that you can follow. I think that might help, keep us updated and tell us what works and what doesn't so we can keep helping.
deleted · 26 weeks ago
Those feelings are called the summertime blues
deleted · 26 weeks ago
wolfsbane · 26 weeks ago
I built my dodge out of an old grill for 40 bucks
scatmandingo · 26 weeks ago
You around 13-15yo by any chance? If so, it's totally normal.
rosebud · 26 weeks ago
Yep, I'm right in the middle of that age range. What makes it normal?
creativedragonbaby · 26 weeks ago
creativedragonbaby · 26 weeks ago
yo wolfsbane blacksmiths are usually the protagonists of a story o.0
parisqeen · 26 weeks ago
It's probably normal for your age because that's when puberty goes down so hormones are changing which can cause random fluctuations in mood
scatmandingo · 25 weeks ago
Puberty may be part of it but its situational too. At that age you have the intelligence of an adult and a world telling you that you should be already be acting like one. On the other hand they are failing to provide any adult opportunities to you; you're considered too young to earn your own money or drive a vehicle as examples.
You are feeling what is a lot like "bored" but to some extent it's a desire to have something to do that you feel has worth. You're stuck in a doldrum between two age groups and neither side will sympathize much. Adults would "love to have a whole summer off" and little kids don't understand being bored because they are entertained by more trivial things.
Time judgment is also a factor. As a kid an hour felt like a week as a teen it felt like a day but at my current (much older) age a year doesn't even seem like a long timeframe anymore. It's not controllable; it's an irrational perception relative to your age.
Does any of that sound accurate?
parisqeen · 25 weeks ago
Well no, you do not have the intelligence of an adult, in fact humans brains never stop changing or developing but for males they do stop growing around age 28-30 and women it's early-mid 20's (this however is different to intelligence). That aside I do agree that age could be a big factor, between those ages you do feel lost and confused about your place in the world. Considering you only feel this in summer though it's less likely and you could just be feeling like you're not being productive enough with your time.
Anyways how are you going rose? have you been feeling any better recently or sort of the same?
rosebud · 25 weeks ago
That sounds pretty accurate. I'm really tired and I feel like a day is more like a month because there is nothing to fucking do. When I was at school, that was like time traveling seven hours into the future. I hate school, but at least it did something.
Now, there's nothing at all. I'm just alone.
@parisqeen I think that hormones and mood swings are definitely playing a factor because some days I just wake up feeling like shit and others I feel "meh". And nothing's changed. I'm constantly frustrated with my sister and my brother for being hypocrites, my cousins are over and they brought their fucking dumb dog that won't shut up, so yeah, there's that. Yesterday we were waiting in my aunt's apartment for my cousins to meet us there. We got there at 4, they didn't arrive until 6, even though they were half an hour away. It was ninety degrees in there, and my phone was at less than 10%.
To make matters worse, when our cousins arrived, we didn't leave until 7:30. (c.)
rosebud · 25 weeks ago
It was just an awful day and everyone treated me like shit the entire time.
So yeah, I feel the same and not much has changed.
parisqeen · 25 weeks ago
That sucks bud, it does sound like it's just that age. It's frustrating as hell but what I remember helping when I was in that time was being alone for awhile, sometimes just being with yourself and calming down is the best option. I would also get really invested in something, like a show or a game. I know it's probably the last thing you want to hear but you also have to think of the positives, no matter how little they are, it's not like you WANT to feel shitty so try to think of anything in the day that was slightly enjoyable and relax your mind with that. Random fact but it actually takes more brain power to think positively so you'll also be giving yourself a workout. You'll feel better once schools back so you always have that to look forward to.
rosebud · 25 weeks ago
I want to marathon Futurama before it goes off Netflix, but I also don't at the same time. I feel like it'll take up too much time.
chilledtothebone · 25 weeks ago
Sometimes? I mean, I eat up most of my time daily with animating and drawing, but sometimes I wonder if I have anything better I could be doing.
parisqeen · 25 weeks ago
I say go for it! Marathon it and eat a shit ton of food and feel good about it later cause you enjoyed yourself
deleted · 25 weeks ago
Yeah do it man
I did it at the start of the year
I love that show
justasmalltowngirl · 25 weeks ago
I feel you I have actually become more bored than I originally thought was possible.