unicycle · 49 weeks ago
If you're in the US, you can enter your zip code and service provider on this site and it will tell you what sources (natural gas, oil, coal, nuclear, etc) contribute to your electricity. Be informed on what you're paying for!
cakelover · 49 weeks ago
I'm from England, we don't have electricity here
unicycle · 49 weeks ago
I'm English too and I know that struggle of doing everything by candlelight.
cakelover · 49 weeks ago
It's difficult isn't it? Hopefully the 'Muricans will bring the miracle of electricity to our dark, dingy island
unicycle · 49 weeks ago
For just $1 a day, you can bring electricity to some grumpy fuck in England who probably won't notice the difference
tarotnathers13th · 49 weeks ago
Still burning coal, not much of a difference
mrfahrenheit · 49 weeks ago
New Zealand has been stuck in the Dark Ages, we have no candles. Winter is a most troubling time
cakelover · 49 weeks ago
@unicycle your comment was the funniest thing I've seen on FS for a while, just thought I'd let you know
jade · 49 weeks ago
Dang I live on the coast and it says zero hydro power. Never really gave it thought, am very disappointed.
unicycle · 49 weeks ago
@cakelover I aim to please.
@jade If you're unhappy with what you see, you can check where your representatives stand on renewable energy and let them know you'd like to see a push for sustainability. You can also use the website to compare service providers in your area and see if another company uses more sustainable sources for electricity than your current provider.
creativedragonbaby · 48 weeks ago
In the Australian winter, we gather on top of Uluru to pray to the gods of Dreaming that our children will survive the barren season.
alekazam · 48 weeks ago