Short film ideas/tips? :)
by pineapple · 6 comments 48 weeks ago
rosebud · 49 weeks ago
Are you asking for inspiration for a short film? I'm confused
pineapple · 49 weeks ago
Yeah I am! I want to make one to practise editing/filming - but I need a topic/storyline :)
unicycle · 49 weeks ago
The best way would be to make a film on a story you come up with - you'll care about it and be more invested in finishing. But if you need an idea, take your favourite book/movie and try to condense it into a 5-10 minute film. It'll help you recognise the most essential elements of a story, which is great for when you start writing your own stuff.
mrfahrenheit · 49 weeks ago
school shooting
creativedragonbaby · 48 weeks ago
It depends on where you're going to do it, what materials you have and how much you can get done in a certain period of time.
jade · 48 weeks ago
Advertise on local acting sites, good local actors will apply. Have more than one person behind the camera. That's all the pointers I have as someone who's done short film