unicycle · 1 week ago
scatmandingo · 1 week ago
Does it have to be a website? Local libraries usually get far more donations of paperbacks than they can handle and will essentially give you as many as you will take. They usually have a room somewhere to buy them for $.10 or so if they aren't willing to just hand them over for free.
yukihaki · 1 week ago
Well, I said website 'cause I'm in France and in my village there's no library soooo
justasmalltowngirl · 1 week ago
Go to freeebooks.net they have books there that are good but I live in america so I don't known if it works every where else.
justasmalltowngirl · 1 week ago
My bad the Link is actually http://free-ebooks.net/
justasmalltowngirl · 1 week ago
Hope this helps
obscuredangel · 3 days ago
Try using your local version of CraigsList. People often put book lots for sale because they're moving or cleaning out clutter.