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grimreaper · 48 weeks ago
I'd say I'm relatively old. This July will be my one year anniversary of being on Funsubstance, if you count me commenting as a guest.
rosebud · 48 weeks ago
Then that's not really old since we've all been here longer than that...
chu · 48 weeks ago
I'm older than almost all of you
rwby_rose · 48 weeks ago
Yoooo where have you been?
betterthanyou · 48 weeks ago
rosebud · 48 weeks ago
Back in my day, his username was still tylerchu
xshadowxqueenx · 48 weeks ago
I remember when he was tylerchu, he older than y'all
rosebud · 48 weeks ago
It's almost as if I literally just said that
Oh wait
deleted · 48 weeks ago
I've been here for 4 years
silvermyth · 48 weeks ago
silvermyth · 48 weeks ago
I've been here as a guest for maybe 3 years. Made an account a little over a year ago
sassypotter · 48 weeks ago
I got my first account in early 2015 I think
But I was a guest for ages
mrfahrenheit · 48 weeks ago
im reaally young.
rosebud · 48 weeks ago
No, we're all younger tonight. That's why I set the world on fire.
serosenpai · 48 weeks ago
I found this place when I was 13
changetheworld · 48 weeks ago
I've been around pretty much since the beginning, but as a guest. Didn't make my account until a year or two ago?
la · 47 weeks ago
I joined about 2/almost 3 years ago.
deleted · 47 weeks ago
Been here for most of fs's existence.
dustin · 44 weeks ago
Never been much for reading the comments. but ive been here for the pictures since 2011 was still active duty back then that's how I remember.