rosebud · 49 weeks ago
I stopped using the website in favor of the app. The app feels outdated and awkward. The only thing that made the website faster was upgrading my internet connection.
deleted · 49 weeks ago
Outdated how? Is it super different or no?
rosebud · 49 weeks ago
I deleted it last week to make some space, but it's just difficult to get around, I guess. get it if necessary, but it's just a little bit backwards in ways hard to describe
deleted · 49 weeks ago
Okay, thanks. The website has just been too laggy lately so I was making sure
grimreaper · 49 weeks ago
I tried using the app but it just felt weird so I use the website
rosebud · 49 weeks ago
My point exactly
ruinedeffect · 48 weeks ago
I like the app only for the notifications bc they're instantaneous and you dont have to refresh the page. otherwise, i like the website when i have my computer with me
deleted · 48 weeks ago
I only use it to get notifications
I'm always on the mobile site
chilledtothebone · 48 weeks ago
I always use the mobile site. I think it's easiest to navigate, and is relatively fast.