rosebud · 48 weeks ago
i forgot how this came up yesterday but basically my sister said that apparently it's racist to ask a Hispanic friend, who has probably grown up learning Spanish, to teach you Spanish.
i told her that it's not racist to ask someone something like that. What if you ask someone who grew up in Paris to teach you French? That's not racist either.
mjlk · 48 weeks ago
Obviously not!
klymaxx · 48 weeks ago
First ask if they do speak spanish. My husband is hispanic, grew up with his mother and half his family speaking spanish but he doesn't know any besides the basics
chilledtothebone · 48 weeks ago
I am Hispanic. It isn't racist.
tarotnathers13th · 48 weeks ago
This is the whole thing about Mario with the sombrero and maracas again isn't it? Also I weigh in saying it isn't, how is asking for help from somone who is knowlegable racist?
grimreaper · 48 weeks ago
It isn't. It's like asking a professional fisherman to teach you how to fish.
rosebud · 48 weeks ago
I'm just glad that you guys think I'm making sense. My sister was not.
rosalinas · 48 weeks ago
How old is your sister? 7 tumblr years?
Of course it's not racist
parisqeen · 48 weeks ago
Nah as long as he does speak spanish and you don't just assume but yeah that's not racist
catfishguts · 48 weeks ago
Of course not!! If that's racist, then it's also racist to ask someone who works in the sandwich business to teach you how to make a sandwich!! And that's not racist. It's sandwiches!!!
rosebud · 48 weeks ago
She's going to be eighteen this September.
creativedragonbaby · 48 weeks ago
It's not. Just make sure you're not assuming that they know it because of their race. Could cause some awkwardness.
rosebud · 48 weeks ago
I think that's where my sister was coming from.