yukihaki · 41 weeks ago
Little Ceasar's
creativedragonbaby · 41 weeks ago
Probably Burger King because there's no Burger King where I live
grimreaper · 41 weeks ago
Burger King probably
klymaxx · 41 weeks ago
Apple Bees(i got served raw chicken strips once), McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys, Crap in a Box(i found dirt in my sandwich), Dennys, Carls jr, Arbys
caqrl · 41 weeks ago
I once found a huge chunk of a moldy hotdog bun at the bottom of my ice cream cup at Dairy Queen. Still ate the ice cream. Still go to DQ every week. Worth it.
rosebud · 41 weeks ago
Denny's, seems too low-class for me.
Baker's Square because I don't like pie
raventastic · 41 weeks ago
McDonald's has always tasted like shit to me, and the literal only reason I've ever gone there is for the hash browns. Everything else they have is done better by another fast food place for a similar price
serosenpai · 41 weeks ago
I will never
eat at Arby's.
No reason, just a bad vibe.
yukihaki · 41 weeks ago
What ? Why ?
serosenpai · 41 weeks ago
LC is good af
yukihaki · 41 weeks ago
Not according to my friend who works there lol
tarotnathers13th · 40 weeks ago
There was a Dunkin Donuts who served me a bottle of milk that had spoiled. I should have been tipped off when the bottle wasn't cold at all, but I only learned my lesson after I swallowed a round, nasty, jello-like ball of rotten milk on the first gulp. I've grown distrustful of such fridges and never looked at Dunkin Donuts the same way.
klymaxx · 40 weeks ago
I thought of another one. It's not a resaurant though and not being in school anymore I wouldn't have a reason to eat there but...high school cafeterias. I found a metal screw in my coffee once. Almost swallowed the damn thing. When I took it to the lady incharge and complained she told me I needed to be more careful
internet · 40 weeks ago
Taco bell and chupotle. Have yet to see one irl
diyrogue · 40 weeks ago
Waffle House cause my dad used to be an exterminator and he said waffle houses were ALWAYS the worst
raventastic · 40 weeks ago
I would have never guessed, shit
funkmasterrex · 40 weeks ago
a KFC (only KFC... if it's a kentaco hut, kentaco bell or a kentucky fried hut.... eh prolly). KFC just has the worst chicken when you have Popeyes, Churches and Golden Chick around (Golden Chick > all... esp if you go jack some cajun sparkle from Popeyes and put that on the Golden Chick).
deleted · 40 weeks ago
I got food poisoning in Kindergarten
peachypersimmon · 40 weeks ago
KFC. Only on the bone chicken though.