betterthanyou · 40 weeks ago
Worked at JCPenney's. It was fun working with a bunch of other 18-25ish year olds. Customer service always has it's major downsides but all in all it wasn't so bad.
jade · 40 weeks ago
First job or first time I got paid to work? (Cue entertainment industry laughter) I can't remember what my exact first one was, but one of the first times I got paid was doing Disney Candlelight at Disneyworld.
yukihaki · 40 weeks ago
My first job was to be a cleaning man
spazz · 40 weeks ago
I worked as a barista at a local cafe
rosebud · 40 weeks ago
interesting, interesting....
caqrl · 39 weeks ago
I suppose my first job was technically self-employed. I found out I was really good at face-painting, and I loved it. I started volunteering, then people starting paying me to facepaint at events, even at birthday parties. The kids were so weird, I once accidentally helped them start a baby cult.
kurama_otsutsuki · 39 weeks ago
My first "job" was a freelance developer for Minecraft servers =P
Didn't pay anywhere near a livable amount but it was something to do. When we were children, me and my sister were opposites. She spent more than she has while I spent only a minute fraction.
sm19 · 39 weeks ago
Soccer reffing for nine year olds. Was not fun when you have parents yelling/swearing at you. But it did pay 18$ an hour compared to when minimum wage was like 10 something an hour.
caqrl · 39 weeks ago
Whoa, what state do you live in where minimum wage "was" $10 an hour?
sm19 · 39 weeks ago
@caqrl Canada! It's now 11$ an hour where I live.
rosebud · 39 weeks ago
Wage in my state is only like $8.50 i believe
caqrl · 39 weeks ago
Where I live in Minnesota minimum wage is $9.50. Still tho I would prostitute myself for $18 an hour