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kouyaaotsuki · 36 weeks ago
You’re nice
adorkable · 36 weeks ago
Most of y’all are
rydler · 36 weeks ago
With a person such as you around, it’s hard to see the downsides of anything.
releasethekraken · 32 weeks ago
Rydler, you've become one of my favourite people on FS. I love your wholesome chats
rydler · 32 weeks ago
Seeing you and how you talk to people, it's really uplifting to me. Thank you Kraken.
releasethekraken · 32 weeks ago
I can tell that you're a person who appreciates other and wants to help out. That's inspiring
releasethekraken · 16 weeks ago
Your hugs are the safest place to be
mikriarktos · 16 weeks ago
Your love is the most precious thing I have
rydler · 16 weeks ago
Y’all's cute. I see y’all here and it always makes me smile seeing how happy you make eachother.
cakelover · 16 weeks ago
They make we want to actually cry, they're so cute
rydler · 16 weeks ago
@cakelover your comments are always witty, funny, and all around enjoyable to see here on FS, much like yourself. I'm glad to have someone like you here
cakelover · 16 weeks ago
Thanks rydler, you're smooth as a baby's bottom
rydler · 16 weeks ago
And You're as sweet as your name
funkmasterrex · 16 weeks ago
You spank that ass Lex.
adorkable · 16 weeks ago
Rydler, you get along with most of the people on here, but don’t fuel their bs. Very grateful for that lmao
spazz · 16 weeks ago
your mum isn't gay
rydler · 16 weeks ago
Your comments never fail to make me laugh from their sheer absurdity and randomness. Thank you for them
adorkable · 16 weeks ago
He truly is a spazz
rydler · 16 weeks ago
And you truly are adorkable
kouyaaotsuki · 16 weeks ago
Your sister isn’t a mister