by jade · 8 comments 44 weeks ago
creativedragonbaby · 44 weeks ago
They're not here. They're aiming their rifles at the storm
tarotnathers13th · 44 weeks ago
Potentially, could a large enough explosion with enough force generated dissipate a hurricane? Asking for a friend.
mrfahrenheit · 44 weeks ago
In theory, yeah
dr_richard_ew · 44 weeks ago
Maybe Shamu will finally swim free
jade · 44 weeks ago
I actually had a similar thought about the Miami Seaquarium. It's an OUTDOOR aquarium right next to the beach
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
Oh dear... wouldn't they start moving the more rare or exotic fish to other aquariums?
geluregis · 44 weeks ago
I was expecting to lose power, but I guess I'm pretty far inland. Bitch ass Irma didn't bother driving up that far.
jade · 44 weeks ago
I lost power last night, still hasn't come back on. It was nice not to have that damn street light outside my window on for a night