internet · 11 weeks ago
dr_richard_ew · 11 weeks ago
Did you send him to his grave?
grimreaper · 11 weeks ago
The police managed to stop it before it happened. Since the guy was 18, he's been put in jail. They were apparently also planning to blow up my school.
mrfahrenheit · 11 weeks ago
So how'd he plan on going about it? Plant on the lode bearing walls and let it collapse?
grimreaper · 11 weeks ago
I don't know
parisqeen · 11 weeks ago
You okay?
grimreaper · 11 weeks ago
spookykink57 · 10 weeks ago
Holy Shit Reaper you alright. Also if it would have happened you would had a lot of souls to collect. That would have been tiring.
grimreaper · 10 weeks ago
parisqeen · 10 weeks ago
Have they upped the security and stuff? You safe?
grimreaper · 10 weeks ago
I'm good. They didn't even tell us about it till the end of the day when it happened in the morning.
parisqeen · 10 weeks ago
Probably to try and keep you calm, man that's freaky, glad you're okay
kouyaaotsuki · 10 weeks ago
Phew, we almost lost you. I guess there's probably no school for you today because of that
grimreaper · 10 weeks ago
Nope, we had school