kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
(I'm not the one who wrote or had the idea of writing this but here it is)
???: Hey, Nana-kun.
Nana-kun: What is it, Kei-kun?
The two boys who were sitting next to each other were talking now as they got up to leave.
Kei-kun: I forgot my umbrella today... could I go with you and use yours?
Nana-kun: There aren't any extras? Did you go check?
Kei-kun: Not yet... I'll go look.
Kei-kun: Nana-kun, there aren't any left~
Nana-kun: It can't be helped then, can it? Come on, let's walk home together then.
As they left, Nana-kun's umbrella made a 'poosh' as it opened.
Kei-kun: Thanks, Nana-kun.
Nana-kun: We're friends, aren't we?
Kei-kun: Of course!
As the two in front of us trudged along the rainy road, splosh and sploshing sounded when their feet hit the ground.
Kei-kun: Nana-kun...
Nana-kun: What is it?
Kei-kun: Before we go home, there's a place I wanna go to.
Nana-kun: A place?
Kei-kun: Mhmm. I forgot something there yesterday.
Nana-kun: You mean your secret hideout?
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
Kei-kun: That's right. Because it's raining, it can't be helped.
Nana-kun: Okay~
Further ahead, through the rain and fog, was a forest.
Kei-kun: In here.
Nana-kun: In the forest..? Won't my umbrella get snagged?
Kei-kun: I've cleared a path, don't worry!
Sure enough as they went through, his umbrella hit the trees a couple times. It didn't get snagged, though. It was about 10 minutes of walking. Eventually... a cave had emerged.
Nana-kun: Woah, is this it?
Kei-kun: That's right, this is where I hang out.
Nana-kun: It's pretty dark, though...
Kei-kun: Don't worry, I have a flashlight!
He pulled one out of his pants pocket. Nana-kun gave him a look.
Nana-kun: You're prepared for this, but you aren't prepared for the rain? Didn't you hear your parents today?
Kei-kun: It was sunny though, you can't argue with that...!
Nana-kun: Well, that's true...
Kei-kun: Okay, I'm going inside.
Kei-kun went into the cave, turning on his flashlight. He flashed it around a bit before he tu
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
He flashed it around a bit before he turned back.
Kei-kun: You too, Nana-kun.
Nana-kun: Huh?
Kei-kun: Aren't you tired from holding the umbrella? It's dry in here, so you can put it down.
Nana-kun: Is that really okay?
Kei-kun: Of course, come on!
Nana-kun stepped forward. He entered the cave and the rest of us followed. Once he was inside, he closed his umbrella and set it near the entrance.
Nana-kun: It's dark...
Kei-kun: I have lamps stored inside further, I can turn them on once I find them.
Nana-kun: Alright.
Kei-kun: Here's the first one!
Once it was turned on, the cave was illuminated. After that, Kei-kun found the second one and we could see all around us clearly.
Kei-kun: So, do you like it? My secret place?
Nana-kun: It's really cool! Yeah, I do like it!
Kei-kun: Nobody ever comes here. No matter how long I stay here.
Nana-kun: Really?
Kei-kun: Yep! If you want, you can take a seat right there.
Nana-kun: A giant rock? Hey, it's pretty comfy for a rock.
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
Kei-kun: Oh, and animals don't come around here either. You would think so, but they don't. Maybe because they smell my scent?
Nana-kun: Maybe.
Kei-kun bent over, reaching into a box. There was a noise as he shuffled around the contents inside.
Nana-kun: Kei-kun, what's in there?
Kei-kun: Hmm? Oh, nothing.
He smiled, looking up at Nana-kun.
Kei-kun: Can you check that lamp over there? I'm wondering if it's running low.
Nana-kun: Even if you say that, I'm not familiar with this kind of lamp.
Kei-kun: It's reallll easy! Just check, okay? I'm trying to find what I left here.
Nana-kun: Okay, I'll give it a go...
Nana-kun got up, turning his back to Kei-kun. Kei-kun quickly grabbed something that was inside of that box, turned around and hid it behind his back.
It was... a knife.
Nana-kun turned around, looking at Kei-kun who had approached him.
Nana-kun: Just as I thought, I can't figure it out.
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
Kei-kun: That's fine, don't worry about it. I'll do it later.
Nana-kun: Okay...
The warmness from earlier had now left. Inside the cave, a coolness had come. Like the essence of life, from it's peak to it's end, the temperature followed suit.
Kei-kun: Nana-kun.
Nana-kun: Yes?
Kei-kun: Can I ask you something?
Nana-kun: Sure, what is it?
Kei-kun: ...
There was silence. It was long enough that Nana-kun had to speak again, as if Kei-kun hadn't heard him.
Nana-kun: Kei-kun?
Kei-kun: ...Why?
Nana-kun: Why?
Kei-kun: Why are you so much better than me?
Nana-kun: What do you mean?
Kei-kun: Grades... ability... sports... everything. I can't compete.
Nana-kun: Huh? I don't think that at all, though.
Kei-kun: I'm not asking your opinion, I'm asking you why!
Nana-kun: Why...? That's not something I can answer, though.
Kei-kun: I hear my parents when they don't think I'm around. “I wish you were my son!” They said those things to you, didn't they?!
Nana-kun: Well... Yes, they did
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
Kei-kun: Nothing I do is worth anything, no matter how hard I try!
Nana-kun: Kei-kun... If you want, I could help you. We could... study and train together or something?
Kei-kun: Yeah, you're right...
Nana-kun: Yeah, so please don't get angry. We're friends, okay?
Kei-kun: You can help me, that's what I decided.
Before we could register what was happening, Kei-kun had moved his arm quickly. And before Nana-kun could register what was happening, the knife had plunged itself between his stomach. Blood had seeped through his shirt, growing more and more.
Kei-kun ripped it out, then plunged it back in. From the pain, Nana-kun cried out.
Nana-kun: K-Kei.... Wh-wh...a...t are y-yo...
Kei-kun: I'm tired of it, you know? Hehe. So, I thought, what if I made him disappear? Won't you do that for me, Nana-kun?
After that, he once again plunged into Nana-kun. Over and over. Blood had splattered onto the walls of the cave
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
And an dark puddle of red has formed amongst the ground
It was now ice-cold. As blood splattered everywhere, the world started to go from a vivid color to a more fuzzy one. White light had begun overtaking what Nana-kun's vision...
And Nana-kun let that light envelop him like an blanket...
mikriarktos · 44 weeks ago
That was painful to read
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
In an good, or bad way?
mikriarktos · 44 weeks ago
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
Oh dear, I did copy and paste it from an fanfiction after all...
thedarkknightess · 44 weeks ago
Thank you so much kouyaaotsuki!!! I really liked the story you chose, but what about the murderer? Did he get away with it?
kouyaaotsuki · 44 weeks ago
I've finished reading it, and it doesn't say, so I guess that's up to you to decide