Help me find a post
by creativedragonbaby · 7 comments 10 weeks ago
creativedragonbaby · 11 weeks ago
Ok so this is urgent I'm going on holiday and need to find that suitcase-packing comic thingy post
yukihaki · 11 weeks ago
Could you be a little bit more specific ?
creativedragonbaby · 10 weeks ago
The cartoon one that was fairly long that showed you how to correctly pack a suitcase
yukihaki · 10 weeks ago
kouyaaotsuki · 10 weeks ago
I remembered that one. I always save any posts I think will be interesting or useful later in my life, that's why I have almost no storage left
creativedragonbaby · 10 weeks ago
Huh. Also, that's a pretty bad idea. You should put them on a Google Drive document.
kouyaaotsuki · 10 weeks ago
Ehh, I'm lazy