serosenpai · 44 weeks ago
Yeah, but that's why I prefer older music.
mikriarktos · 44 weeks ago
Modern music in general is shit, it's all about sex and money. At least the famous one.
That's why I only listen to indie music or old songs too
spookykink57 · 44 weeks ago
Yuki is very accurate. And I also do the same and some Bands which I like. For eg: Imagine Dragons, Lukas Graham etc.
rydler · 44 weeks ago
Popular English music is about that stuff. NateWantsToBattle, and alot of other YouTube artists are more about actual life stuff.
creativedragonbaby · 44 weeks ago
I love Nathan Sharp!! :)
The reason it's all like that is because they're playing off of teenager's changing emotions. I'm fairly sure either Japan is already past that stage or isn't up to it yet. It's a vicious cycle.
creativedragonbaby · 44 weeks ago
2000's music was top notch. Stuff after 2012 is trash
metalman · 44 weeks ago
This is why i consistently stick to rock and metal. A lot, not all, of it has a good message to it
rydler · 44 weeks ago
Its the same reason that moat anime shows put lewd images/nudity in. Draws a larger male audience.
grimreaper · 44 weeks ago
I listen to modern music only when I'm doing something really boring like mowing the lawn.