creativedragonbaby · 44 weeks ago
I just want to talk about the ending of Episode 20
creativedragonbaby · 44 weeks ago
So does anyone think the doctor of All For One looks like the doctor that said Midoriya didn't have a quirk? I think that could be a big plot point for All For One.
'Hey that kid's not supposed to have a quirk, and it looks a lot like All Might's.' 'Ya ur right m8 it's him'
mikriarktos · 44 weeks ago
I don't think it's the same doctor
creativedragonbaby · 44 weeks ago
Eh, could be.
Also I was considering Midoriya having some kind of improving quirk because he's learning shit pretty damn fast.
creativedragonbaby · 44 weeks ago
I know he's got that whole "2nd toe joint" thing but that's pretty cheap and easy to bypass
geluregis · 44 weeks ago
He's been working so hard this whole time. This is his life's passion. And I doubt All For One's doctor would just tell some random kid that he didn't have a quirk. Since Izuku wasn't really anything special before the sludge villain or when he joined UA.
creativedragonbaby · 43 weeks ago
No I mean he'd know that Midoriya isn't supposed to have a quirk, yet does.