tarotnathers13th · 44 weeks ago
Lying in my bed in basement, trying to sleep while hearing laughter and conversation from the room above me. My family likes to say they're introverts, but I like to think I take it further than them when it comes down to it.
betterthanyou · 44 weeks ago
About 8-10 years old, my cat that I've had since I was 5 is in the Vet after surgery to remove Easter grass that she ate and it blocked her colon.
My mom and I go to the back cages where she's recovering, her entire underside is shaved with pink stitches running up the middle of her belly. It's all swollen from the operation so she looks really fat. One of her forearms is shaved with an IV sticking out of it up to a bag hanging on the door of her cage.
We walk up to the cage and I'm barely tall enough to see her well so I get on my tippy toes and can just see enough to barely press my face against the cage, my cat reaches out with her non IV paw and holds it to my cheek. My mom said she nearly lost it right there.
She died when she was 19 and I was 24. She was the best friend I'll ever have.
laughingbeth · 44 weeks ago
My friend offered me her kidney. (I have kidney failure and I'm on the transplant list.) She turned out to not be a match for me but whenever the conversation turns to my kidneys or waiting for a new one, she literally cries for me because she feels my pain at waiting so long. It's happened a few times and every time it's piercing in my heart because that more than anything shows me I'm loved and I tend to forget that pretty easily.
dr_richard_ew · 44 weeks ago
@laughingbeth marry her
laughingbeth · 44 weeks ago
Lol. I'm already married. And she's been married longer than I've been alive. Romance isn't the only kind of love you know.
dr_richard_ew · 44 weeks ago
I know, I just didn't know your background info
laughingbeth · 44 weeks ago
@dr_richard_ew Sorry if I sounded snarky. I'm a bit tired.
mikriarktos · 44 weeks ago
The last time my best friend and I talked before she passed away to Leukemia.
We had a very long conversation where we were both crying so much at the end.
I can remember ever word, every smile or hugs of that moment.