What's y'all's favorite song?
by rydler · 16 comments 44 weeks ago
fell__equinox · 45 weeks ago
I'm caught between "Shut up and Dance with Me" by Walk the Moon
"Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" by Set It Off (my favorite band)
rydler · 45 weeks ago
Set it off is good. I like "Dad's Song" by them. recently they went to a more pop style, so they're eh for me.
fell__equinox · 45 weeks ago
I'm a hard fan. I love all their songs
rydler · 45 weeks ago
They aren't bad. Really good actually, not my taste though.
fell__equinox · 45 weeks ago
I love them because they have Brendan Urie's attitude and the upbeat tone that I love to sing to
rydler · 45 weeks ago
Yeah, thats what I liked about em.
adorkable · 45 weeks ago
Only love can hurt like this by Paloma Faith
I love all of her songs tbh
mrfahrenheit · 45 weeks ago
Asian Jake Paul is greatest song
rydler · 45 weeks ago
I like the Sandcastle Kingdoms album from Nathan Sharp.
parisqeen · 45 weeks ago
I have wayyy too many but it's either between
My Happiness by Powder Finger or
The Zephyr Song by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
The Breeze by Dr Dog
I'm leaning towards the first too just because of the memories they hold.
grimreaper · 45 weeks ago
Wonderland by Caravan Palace
ninja_squirrel · 44 weeks ago
Breathe by lauv
pitty · 44 weeks ago
The Nohr version of 'Lost in Thoughts All Alone"
rydler · 44 weeks ago
rydler · 44 weeks ago
LOVE that
cupcakelover · 42 weeks ago
"rockstar" post malone