natethegreat · 14 weeks ago
I'm sure you could call up your local sheriffs office and tell somebody about the situation.
give them the location first that way they already know where to go by the time you're done explaining.
other than that, i'm not sure what else you can do.
if I think of something else I'll be back with another possible solution
ninja_squirrel · 14 weeks ago
Thank you. She is still texting me telling me how she is worthless and annoying and that no one likes her. Lots of people like her and she is not annoying or worthless. I wish she could see that
natethegreat · 14 weeks ago
I have a friend who is actually like this. Do you think that it's possible that they might be on drugs? If so, I would do research on what they do, side effects and everything while watching very closely how they act.
If not, they might be in a messed up environment or have some sort of psychological problem or something and it's probably overwhelming them
I'm not a doctor or anything plus idk what their whole situation is so I can't really say too much
ninja_squirrel · 14 weeks ago
In the summer doctors said she had depression but her parents think depression is made up so they didn’t do anything about it.
ninja_squirrel · 14 weeks ago
I think schools drug their students to make them think this way because almost everyone in my school hates themselves.
nightmaredragon · 14 weeks ago
I agree with Nate, it sounds like she needs help and if she is talking about ending things before tomorrow getting her to a hospital or calling the sheriff might be your only option. If her parents aren't going to do anything it may be up to you to get her the help she may need. It's important to take these things seriously
parisqeen · 14 weeks ago
Call her parents and tell them, your friend might hate you for this but if it's going to save her life then do it. I think the police is a good idea, keep reassuring her life is worth it and she is an incredible person and you value her in your life. You just need to make sure someone is with her and keeping and eye on her so nothing happens, try and communicate to the parents that depression is a real and serious problem and that they need to educate themselves so their daughter could be at risk if they keep neglecting this. This isn't a fun responsibility and it's stressful so make sure you're not the only one dealing with this and please tell somebody else you think she's at risk, it is worth doing.
ninja_squirrel · 14 weeks ago
Thank you. You were all very helpful. I called her and she fell asleep while I was talking to her. She gets the idea that she doesn’t want to live often but the worst she has done is give herself a few cuts. She puts things around her neck and pretends to strangle herself but she doesn’t do it right enough to hurt herself. If she ever grabs some pills or actually try’s to hang herself I will know to call the police. Her parents aren’t the easiest to talk to. They are very strict. I’m hoping that the school will tell her parents about her depression because they have noticed that something is happening.
parisqeen · 14 weeks ago
I'm glad we could help, hopefully the situation improves soon
wolfsbane · 14 weeks ago
Honestly, and i know this isnt a popular opinion, if someone wants to kill themselves its not my place to stop them. It is their life and the can do whatever they want with it
ninja_squirrel · 13 weeks ago
I guess you’re right. It isn’t my life but I also don’t think she understands that when she dies her life is over. I know that probably didn’t make sense but I know the first time I tried to kill Myself I didn’t actually want to die I just wanted to feel better. I think she feels the same way. She doesn’t want to die just wants the bad parts in her life to disappear.
wolfsbane · 13 weeks ago
Yea that makes sense
parisqeen · 13 weeks ago
Nicely said ninja