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silvermyth · 3 days ago
If everyone’s special, no one is. Everyone’s different. Not everyone is special.
sir_spiderman · 3 days ago
...Are you quoting the incredibles?
rydler · 3 days ago
wimsyexpergefactor · 3 days ago
Okay ya, all I could see was crazy hair dude chuckling when I read that.
wimsyexpergefactor · 3 days ago
"And if everyone is Super! (Chuckles darkly... dun dun duuuuuh) No one will be..."
silvermyth · 16 hours ago
Of course I am, but’s a valid point
rydler · 16 hours ago
It is. We aren't disagreeing. You have your points, and others made theirs.
sir_spiderman · 16 hours ago
Not me. I use lead pencils, so I don't have to sharpen my pencils.
rydler · 15 hours ago
I use gel pens, much smoother writing for me.
sir_spiderman · 15 hours ago
I've never been a fan of pens. I use a pink or green one when grading papers, but nowhere else. However, when my cursive improves to a flawless level, I may reconsider.
rydler · 15 hours ago
My handwriting looks really nice, but is really bad too.
silvermyth · 14 hours ago
I like using them for calligraphy
rydler · 14 hours ago
I can't do that. I'm bad at that.
silvermyth · 14 hours ago
It’s nothing too fancy
rydler · 14 hours ago
Tell that to my hand.
silvermyth · 14 hours ago
I mean, I don’t do those amazing gifs you see
rydler · 14 hours ago
Yeah, but any calligraphy hurts my hand because logic.
My natural handwriting is really loopy though.
sir_spiderman · 14 hours ago
I had shit handwriting but now that I write in cursive it looks fucking elegant.
rydler · 14 hours ago
ive been told i write in a mix of cursive and chaos.
Your Last two words for some reason keep making me laugh
silvermyth · 14 hours ago
Sometimes I write in chicken scratch, sometimes it’s a loopy cursive deal, sometimes it’s angular and almost runic. And sometimes I write in pencil using calligraphy techniques, but it looks dumb.