mrfahrenheit · 6 days ago
Ya yeet gay marriage is dope
parisqeen · 6 days ago
It sure is, it took us so damn long to pass this bill though. Pretty disappointed in our politics
spookykink57 · 6 days ago
It's still illegal here.
parisqeen · 6 days ago
That sucks bud, it'll happen one day. Plus you don't need marriage to prove love, it'd just be nice if you had a choice
yukihaki · 6 days ago
They're still doing arranged marriage, lolol
parisqeen · 6 days ago
Arranged marriages aren't all bad, it is if the couple has no say or it's a little child and an adult. Sadly the negatives are the most well known, from what I know the couples actually have a choice and they're allowed to divorce and all of that.
spookykink57 · 6 days ago
Arrange Marriages aren't bad. Both people have a choice. A person is discussed and interacted. They meet. If they like each other, then the marriage proceeds ahead. And then happens the Engagement. The engagement is kept for minimum 6 months to 9 months. During that period both people get to know each other. They fall for each other. It is as beautiful as Love Marriage. And let's not forget that, it is the only option for the people who couldn't find the love of their lives. But, alas as @parisqueen said, only the negatives are known
spookykink57 · 6 days ago
Even Arrange Marriages have evolved now.
parisqeen · 4 days ago
I'm glad things are changing for the better, in marriage anyway
wimsyexpergefactor · 4 days ago
Heck ya Australia!