Anyone want a baby absol?
by fell_equinox · 8 comments 2 days ago
fell_equinox · 5 days ago
I'm breeding for a shiny and have plenty to hand out. If you want a specific nature just lemme know and I'll give it to you
kouyaaotsuki · 5 days ago
So kind, but I don’t have any Pokemon games >:T
fell_equinox · 5 days ago
I'll keep them until you get one
hermionegranger · 3 days ago
On what game
creativedragonbaby · 3 days ago
ya what edition
creativedragonbaby · 3 days ago
Also the best way to get shinies is to run around in da grass and look for 'em
fell_equinox · 3 days ago
Pokemon X, but I can transfer it to another game if I have to. Also I Gave up on trying to breed for one. I'm encountering them in the grass
hermionegranger · 2 days ago
I have Pokémon omega ruby and Pokémon sun