What's your song of the day?
by sir_spiderman · 74 comments 22 hours ago
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rydler · 3 days ago
You're asking the impossible. It's Spidey. Knowledge ain't hi forté
rydler · 3 days ago
sir_spiderman · 3 days ago
Spacetime is curved downwards by mass making a force called gravity. If you were able to create negative mass then it would curve spacetime upwards repelling things away from it. If one were to carefully guide it into the center of a blackhole where the mass of the negative matter were countering the attractive force of the blackhole's gravity than a rip in spacetime would be possible creating a wormhole.
rydler · 3 days ago
alright there chim chim cheery
sir_spiderman · 3 days ago
She told me to woo her with knowledge!
sir_spiderman · 3 days ago
Oh, I could make an app to notify me of when I get a FS message... Fuck yea, I'm doing it!
rydler · 3 days ago
thats basically the FS app itself.
sir_spiderman · 3 days ago
Well, I just finished it. I'm bored again.
mrcreepypasta · 3 days ago
Inside the cynic by stone sour
rydler · 3 days ago
Does it work?
sir_spiderman · 3 days ago
Yea, it can run every so often to check if I have a notification. Nothing fancy, just a little notification that shows how many unread notifications you have.
rydler · 3 days ago
lady_deadpool · 3 days ago
rosalinas · 3 days ago
Perfect by Ed.S
rydler · 3 days ago
Seize the Day from Newsies
adorkable · 3 days ago
17 by MK
serosenpai · 3 days ago
MK intro song.
spookykink57 · 2 days ago
It took so long for me to get out "The Hills" and "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weeknd out of my head. Now they are back
mrcreepypasta · 2 days ago
Today it might be Sonora by spendtime palace, it’s a good jam.
wimsyexpergefactor · 22 hours ago
'Human' by Rag'n' Bone Man