Youtube did a thing with logan paul
by jojofan · 17 comments 1 week ago
fell_equinox · 1 week ago
Finally they're doing something, but thijs whole incident will blow over in a month or 2
kouyaaotsuki · 1 week ago
There was a petition to delete his channel as well
fell_equinox · 1 week ago
He has too much support. He'll get a slap on the hand, maybe a temporary penalty, but otherwise he's going to be fine
tarotnathers13th · 1 week ago
If YouTube's algorithm didn't catch him, there's no way he'll actually get fair punishment for what he did. Small channels can get deleted off the site for having clips of music they had no idea was copyrighted, but this jackass can show a dead body he found whilst walking in a place where you will come across dead bodies, and the algorithm doesn't catch that, he's practically scot-free. YouTube won't do anything that will make them admit their wonderful automated moderation doesn't function correctly.
rydler · 1 week ago
He’s done so much else as well. He did so much more while in Japan.
rydler · 1 week ago
No way has YouTube acted accordingly.
He lost premium advertisers. Cool. Great. Whatever.
He still gets some - albeit less - ad revenue.
He broke the law multiple times in now multiple countries.
His channel still exists. That’s the problem.
Fix that problem. Then, you’ve acted accordingly.
Otherwise, you’re just giving him a slap on the wrist and a kind “don’t do it again honey, okay?”
That means nothing to people like him.
Less income per video? More videos. He won’t stop.
Unless they make him stop.
fell_equinox · 1 week ago
Even if they delete him off of YouTube he can start his own website and blog there
rydler · 1 week ago
And they told me murder won't solve your problems.
fell_equinox · 1 week ago
I would say tit for tat and kill him and make fu of his corpse on the internet, but then we would be no betyer
rydler · 1 week ago
Yeah. But still.
fell_equinox · 1 week ago
It's easier to accept that famous people rarely get punished
rydler · 1 week ago
I accept that. Hate it but it's something I can't change.
diyrogue · 1 week ago
YouTube had a human review his video too and it still wasn't taken down until he did it himself
They're just as guilty in this imo
rydler · 1 week ago
I wouldn't say just as guilty. Yet they do carry some blame in this as well. Yes.
jojofan · 1 week ago
Quick question when was it ever reviewed by a human. I just wanna get the facts straight before we say they are just as bad.
diyrogue · 1 week ago
I read it somewhere, not sure exactly when, but something about since popular users have people who just report everything for no reason all the time they tend to have humans check if they actually did something wrong