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geluregis · 15 weeks ago
From the Philippines, we got dinuguan, a stew of pork meats and curdled pork blood. I don't like the texture, but it tastes pretty good.
parisqeen · 15 weeks ago
We have kangaroo and possum but it's not bad, you can also eat shark soup but I wouldn't try that cause the way they treat the sharks is inhumane and they're endangered
peachypersimmon · 14 weeks ago
dr_richard_ew · 14 weeks ago
You eat bundles of twigs?
peachypersimmon · 14 weeks ago
No lol. They look like this:
They're really tasty. It's made of pork and offal (organs).
yimmye · 14 weeks ago
How are they different from just meatballs?
peachypersimmon · 14 weeks ago
They contain offal (in particular pig liver) and are served in onion gravy.
peachypersimmon · 14 weeks ago
And they're bigger than meatballs. Just smaller than a fist usually.
peachypersimmon · 14 weeks ago
Oh and Haggis is another yummy weird food. Although when you buy it at the supermarket it's not cooked in a sheep's stomach it's boiled in a plastic casing.
yimmye · 14 weeks ago
Apparently Dutch meatballs are also slightly different from normal meatballs then, they’re also usually fist sized (the ones my family makes at least)
peachypersimmon · 14 weeks ago
laughwendylaugh · 14 weeks ago
I love haggis
peachypersimmon · 14 weeks ago
Same here
mickymouse · 14 weeks ago
NZ has a wild foods festival every year. They do everything from bugs to horse semen. But that’s not a normal thing so idk if it counts
rosalinas · 14 weeks ago
Horse semen ...
Are you telling me someone jerk off a horse then cook it cum
And eat it...
parisqeen · 14 weeks ago
That's something I never thought I'd read in my life
peachypersimmon · 14 weeks ago
I've heard of using bull semen as a hair and beauty treatment but not as a food
rosalinas · 14 weeks ago
I meant I have read a few articles saying semen is rich in protein and other beneficial nutrients so using it for skin and hair somewhat makes sense
But cooking and consuming it as food is just... no...
sublimegamer · 14 weeks ago
I've been living in NZ for 18 years andI've never heard of such a festival
mickymouse · 14 weeks ago
For anyone who wants to know more