hydrofalcon · 1 week ago
I just found out a new one (for me) and it is so good! My grandpa had brought lemon pepper wings from Pizza Hut, and they a,ways give you sauce at the bottom of the to go bowls, I had gotten McDonald’s nuggets, fries, and most importantly sweet and sour sauce. I dipped a nugget in the lemon pepper sauce then in the sweet and sour and it was really good!
aspy523 · 1 week ago
Taco bell hot sauce(the stuff you can buy at stores) and mayonnaise. Use it for fries it's amazing
ajhedges · 1 week ago
Really? Actually sounds pretty good
jess91 · 1 week ago
Mayonnaise with tide pods
aspy523 · 1 week ago
Even better
funkmasterrex · 1 week ago
that sounds excellent. It's not exactly a sauce... but chips with a dash of habanero hot sauce and cream cheese is good.... I tried that a few days ago and now I'm experimenting with different hot sauces, the habanero is the best so far.