Therapeutic Writing
by rosemagwin · 6 comments 5 days ago
rosemagwin · 1 week ago
I found myself writing therapeutically these last couple of weeks. I'm finalizing everything I've dealt with in my life and this seems to work for me. I also feel like sharing it, just to have it off my chest and out in the world. Feel free to comment in any way you like, be it feedback on the writing itself, the story or how it is helping me.
rydler · 1 week ago
This is really good!! Sorry I got to it so late, but I really like it.
Great descriptions, good show of interaction and pacing.
I love the story!
rosemagwin · 1 week ago
Thanks! It means a lot. I'll probably give an update in the future if there is more.
rydler · 1 week ago
Thank you,
wimsyexpergefactor · 6 days ago
I love it! Your writing. Is very vivid and colorful, I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for sharing! Keep it up!
rosemagwin · 5 days ago
Thank you :3