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king_me · 23 weeks ago
If they included the words "It's not a scam" then it's probably a scam. If it is you can always submit your pictures here and have your pageant for free, at an admittedly smaller scale.
kittykatsuma03 · 23 weeks ago
Yeah so I checked wth some of my friends and one of my teachers said that her friends sisters daughter did it. It’s pretty legit, and also I forgot to mention- they put my last name in the letter
“Dear Smith family”
My last names not smith but I’m just saying
klymaxx · 23 weeks ago
I used to get National American Miss Pageant letters. Nobody signed me uo or entered me, they just started showing up one day. I got maybe 5 of them when I was a teenager. It's not technically a scam because they do hold a competition but like guest_ said, the entry fees are high. I'm not sure where they get people info
purplepumpkin · 23 weeks ago
o_o you must be hella fucking cute for someone who has such a distant connexion to you to submit your picture!
kittykatsuma03 · 23 weeks ago
Lol thanks guys. I figure this this might be an opportunity I don’t get very often so ima do it
purplepumpkin · 23 weeks ago
ok just so you know I was like "why not indeed, you go girl, this will be cool to see the follow ups here" and went to check if you hadn't posted any selfies... and first thing I saw was your profile picture, which surprised me more than I would like to admit. Hope that's not the one that was submitted x) anyways good luck with your participation!
kittykatsuma03 · 23 weeks ago
I guess I’ll post a selfie now. Ima kinda shy but here goes nothing
kittykatsuma03 · 23 weeks ago
Well I did it go check it out
scatmandingo · 23 weeks ago
Did you remove it?
king_me · 22 weeks ago
Where that selfie
kittykatsuma03 · 22 weeks ago
Yeah I’m too ugly
kittykatsuma03 · 22 weeks ago
I’ll post one when I get home
purplepumpkin · 22 weeks ago
T-t-t-, that's NOT the spirit!^^
king_me · 22 weeks ago
We eagerly await
yimmye · 22 weeks ago
>gets selected for a pageant
>“I’m too ugly to post a selfie”
kouyaaotsuki · 22 weeks ago
kittykatsuma03 · 22 weeks ago
Haha it’s up
scatmandingo · 22 weeks ago
Hate to break it to you but you are quite pretty.
kittykatsuma03 · 22 weeks ago
Thanks :)
metalman · 22 weeks ago
If you do decide to persue this opportunity then by all means good luck, keep us posted!