funkmasterrex · 5 days ago
Was going over to a friends house, was trying to jump a fence... 2 ribs broke, 4 vertebrae contusions, shoulder blade contusion, concussion and every muscle from my shoulder to my hip is strained. When I move my arm, cough or breath deeply I can feel my ribs move. Fuck that shit hurts. If I'm not here for awhile it's because I couldn't pick my laptop (have help right now).
funkmasterrex · 5 days ago
oh... the fence was on a hill. I bounced down the hill.
tarotnathers13th · 5 days ago
Ouch. Speedy recovery to you, having it hurt to breathe must suck.
funkmasterrex · 5 days ago
the breathing isn't NEARLY as bad as the coughing. I smoke cigs so I'm used to a throat clearing cough every now and then... now I have to seriously think about how I'm gonna get it done without passing out from the pain.
parisqeen · 5 days ago
I was wondering how high this fence was until you said it was on a hill. Get better soon cause that sucks hard
funkmasterrex · 5 days ago
Yeah... I landed in a way so my elbow went straight into my ribs. I basically Bane Batman broke myself and then bounced down the hill and hit my head on a mesquite tree root. I was going to homie's house to go see Antman again... we got maybe 5 minutes into the ride and w/ the seat belt I was like... dude I can't fucking breathe... take me home, my shit is broke. This isn't the worst my body has felt, will continue to refuse pain meds besides a drink or two.... so yay with that? I'd just smoke MJ and try and sleep as much as possible, but the coughing.
parisqeen · 5 days ago
Ouch dude take pain meds! They don't just stop the pain you know they help it heal faster and some make you drowsy so you can sleep better.
funkmasterrex · 4 days ago
I refuse. I have a super addictive personality. Not gonna even try doing that... it's not worth it. I'll heal from this eventually, but getting addicted to that crap could damage me forever.
parisqeen · 4 days ago
You think you'd get addicted to Neuron and Panadol? You know yourself better than me so do what you gotta do but they're very weak compared to painkillers that you need a prescription for so I think the chances of getting addicted are much lower.
funkmasterrex · 2 days ago
nah lol. I started taking ibuprofen today though.. it's helped.
parisqeen · 2 days ago
I'm glad, hopefully that'll help it heal